Booking Artis Centrum Hotels

The hotel is located right in the center of Vilnius old town, in a 19th-century buildings are restored. You can walk down the streets of Vilnius old town and visit the Cathedral, Gediminas Tower and different museums. The rooms have views of the beautiful old town, Gediminas Tower, Three Crosses, the Presidential Palace and the Department of Defense Lithuania

Vilnius International Airport is 7 km away and the railway station and the bus is just 3.5 km.

Hotel For Mesum And Mangkal PSK in Mataram City

Hotel Place nasty and hangout PSK in Mataram, in Lombok Razia, Student and Junior Student netted.

Hangout and place to do wickedness in the city of Mataram, Lombok especially hotels - hotels in raid police officers. It was not only the prostitutes who netted from the raid. but there are also student and junior high school boy who does nasty and netted in raids.

Police launch raids from the hotel Relax, kemudaian managed to find a partner rather than husband and wife in a hotel room. Diduka they were doing something nasty.

Invisible Samapta Police Mataram, the AKP. Taufik will continue to roll out raids in several places on a regular basis until June.

"This raid will be held regularly until next June," he told reporters on Friday .

The next raid, police found 11 pairs in the hotel Cakranegara region, namely the hotel and Tanguh Kartika. They dgelandang to the patrol car because he could not show a marriage license.

Action of the police officers went to the hotel Winadi and Viktoria and managed to secure a young couple who were staying at the hotel. They are worn to report twice a week, after dimintau an affidavit not to repeat his actions.

Hotels in Medan

The number of hotels are scattered in Medan, North Sumatra, of course, make you dizzy, like to stay at the hotel. The following quote from northern Sumatra hotel with five star status to make the lines of you.

* First, the JW Marriott Hotel Medan. This is the first five-star Marriott Medan. Capacity of 287 rooms and located in the heart of the city of Medan, is that he has to worry about enjoying the bustle of Medan. The interior design of the JW Marriott Hotel Medan kotemporer embrace this element has an unobstructed view of Medan. In addition, you will be pampered with the team from 37 to 42 inches wide-screen televisions that can connect to iPod and other electronic equipment. Relax in the outdoor pool or maintain health by exercising at the gym recently opened hotel is open 24 hours. JW Marriott Hotel can also be a meeting, wedding or reception, as the hotel has a ballroom with capacity for 1200 people.

* Second, the Grand Swiss-Belhotel Medan.

* Hotel Medan is the first hotel to bring the issue of multi-facility suitable for business and leisure accommodation in Medan. Swiss Grand Hotel is located near the Polish city of Medan International Airport and the business center of the city of Medan on a stretcher which supports the theme of this hotel. Capacity of 242 rooms, with a professional design, make this an ideal hotel for tourists or for business. If you are lazy to wash, the hotel also offers laundry facilities.

* Thirdly, the Grand Aston City Hall Hotel. 5-km of Medan Poland international airport and is located in the heart of the city of Medan, who claimed to be a ballroom in Sumatra, North Sumatra, which is equipped with a specially designed acoustic. The hotel has a capacity of 245 rooms in a luxurious style and elegance for both businessmen and tourists. In addition, the Grand Aston City Hall rooms and suites with spectacular views of the skyline of the city of Meda.

I hope this information can guide you to choose the hotel five-star hotel near the city of Medan.